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Valentine's Day is celebrated in memory of martyrdom of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated on 14th of February, every year. Initially it was celebrated in European Countries and USA just however with the expanding the use of innovation and media, now it is celebrated all over the world

The most well known theory about Valentine's Day starting point is that Emperor Claudius II didn't need Roman men to wed amid wartime. Minister Valentine conflicted with his desires and performed mystery weddings. For this, Valentine was imprisoned and executed. After his passing, Valentine was named a holy person. As Rome turned out to be more Christian, the ministers moved the spring occasion as 'Lupercalia Festival' from the fifteenth of February to the fourteenth of February – Valentine's Day. Presently the occasion regarded Saint Valentine. It is the second biggest celebration celebrated after Christmas in the West. So February fourteenth is the day to spread the adoration and trade warm endowments to each other.

On each 14th February, everywhere throughout the world, sweet, blooms, and endowments are given to friends and family all for the sake of St. Valentine. As indicated by different theory, in a few nations it is connected with initiation of spring, while in others, it is celebrated as an agriculture festival.

Valentine's Day offers lovers many ways to express their feelings. Many individuals around the world observe Valentine's Day by demonstrating gratefulness for their loved ones or worship. Many individuals give welcoming cards, chocolates, adornments or blooms, especially roses, to their accomplices or admirers on Valentine's Day. It is likewise an opportunity to acknowledge companions in some groups of friends and societies. So February fourteenth is the day to spread the adoration and trade warm blessings to one another.However, Valentine Day is picking up notoriety among youthful beaus in the Asian nations likewise however it has been restricted by different Hindu and Islamic traditionalists. They consider it as a danger to the qualities and societies of their general public.

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